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The Wonder of God’s Presence by Marc Dupont

Kingdom Potential by Ron McGatlin. God spoke creation into being. He said, “Let there be light,” and light became a material reality in the physical realm. In like manner all the world of life on Planet Earth came forth from Spirit into natural by the spoken Word of God. He formed man in His image and breathed His breath of life into him. He gave the new creation of man dominion over the world that He had created and a free will to decide to love and obey God. Continues at KINGDOM POTENTIAL

Getting Personal by Larry Taylor. God spoke creation Aren’t you glad He didn’t send a memo? The amazing benefits of the relationship we have with our Father through Jesus Christ would be entirely sufficient on their own but He goes a step further. We don’t have to decipher some cryptic code from an ancient scroll in order to find the hidden secret formula to life. Continues at GETTING PERSONAL

Kingdom Ambassadors by Terry Somerville. Most Christians have not thought about being an ambassador as a kingdom issue, but merely as representing Christ in the world. But understanding kingdoms is crucial to being an ambassador. In fact it's an ambassadors business! Continues at KINGDOM AMBASSADORS

Manifested in Our Mortal Flesh  by Francis Frangipane



LemonAid was born out of a desire to see targetted support, investment and relief delivered to the desperately poor people of Lagonave, Haiti.   Checkout their website

This September, Compassion is focusing on drawing attention attention on re-writing the stories for 2, 000 children in great need, and your help is needed. Please consider supporting a child, many who have endured nations tor apart by civil war and natural disasters, often alllowing the narcotics trade to flourish.  Children from poor families can find themselves surrounded by drug abuse and gang culture.  They witness extreme violence on a regular basis and are constantly at risk from being trafficed into prostiitution or forced


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